Saturday, 23 April 2011

cordelia quest

1. Accept everything
2. Talk to merlin
3. Pick up the map fro mthe ground
4. Click on tum tum button next to your inventory
5. Exlpore the forest
6. Get close to the snake so it can bite you
7. Talk to merlin again
8. Explore the forest and pick up anything valuable
9. Try clicking on one all of the vines one of them is a rope with white and red rope
10. Keep exploreing the forest
11. Pick up the flute
12. Then go back to the well where the snake bit you when you finished exlporing the forest again
13.  Click on invetory and click the flute first (double click on flute in invetory)
14. Then the snake is sleeping now click on the invetory and double click the rope and to help king lear climb out of the well.
Sorry now that you've passed you have to go to the bunjy jump/diveing in treasure island.


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