Saturday, 23 April 2011

tum tum quest

Quest 2: “The Tum Tum Quest”

1. When you first start the quest accept everything they say. Click on start quest or you can keep reading the ledgand. Now talk to Merlin, Pick up the map from the ground.
2. Now go to the enchanted woods and enter the Tea House, accept everything he says. Pick up the pink bottle from the ground.
3. Now go back to the enchanted woods and click on the mole on the left bottom side. Now open your inventory and drint the Right Posion (The pink bottle).
4. click on the moles home after you have drank the posion, talked to him and he has left.
5. explore the moles home and pick up anything valuable on the ground.
6. When you find your way out, talk to Merlin and follow the cat and the bird, don’t forget to pick up the worms. Explore the forest.
7. When your get to a certain area where the cat is hiding its mouth will pop up (click on the mouth) then its hole body will appear, then a messgae from alice will pop up, talk to her.
8. Open your inventory and doubble click on one of the tarts you got from the underground maze.
9. Now go down, then left, now click on the bird. Doubble click on another tart from your inventory. Keep pressing more when the message comes up.
10. Go to your inventory and double click on the can of worms, then the bird will go down and eat them. Talk to the tree, and when the question comes up, the answer is ” All of the above”
11. Congratulations you have now completed quest 2.

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